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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 21. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 45 93 692
385 1 45 93 691



Nominees on EFA

Absolute winner of ZFF, German film `The life of others`, directed and written by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck won the most nominations for European Film Award in its final. It is nominated for the best film, director and screenwriter, actor (Ulrich Muche), actress (Martina Gedeck) and composers (Gabriel Yared, Stephane Moucha). Corneliu Poromboiu (12:08 east of Bucharest) is nominated for best screenplay and one of four european discoveries i...
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Debutant made a cult film

Géla Babluani, the director of the black and white film ‘13’, is the son of acclaimed Georgian filmmaker Temur Babluani. Good genetic structure was revealed in full bloom already with his first feature film – ‘Tzameti’, or in our translation ‘13’.

The film about ruthless gamblers with no scruples who don’t respect anything premiered in 2005. It won two valuable prizes at Mostra: The Luigi De Laurentiis Award and the Netpac Award, and at Sundance Film Festival it won Grand Jury Prize, a...
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Special screenings at ZFF

The films on special screenings deal with hot war topics from Osijek, the status of asylum seekers in Croatia and sex in New York after 11/9.

Today in the Vip cinema &td begins the program of Special Screenings. At 11pm there will be shown two documentaries, each in its way dealing with human rights and unfortunate destinies. ‘Dossier Osijek’ written by Davor Konjikušić and directed by Goran Kovačić tells a story of destinies of civilians in Osijek, who survived war...
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Checkers has started

The feature film 'Ajde dan… prođi' by Matija Kluković opened the program Checkers. This black & white drama following the destinies of several characters presents a promising director. Today in the Vip cinema &td there will be screened several interesting shorts: 'The Neck Tie' by Nikola Ivanda, '
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Supporting festival joys

It's been proved that the lovers of a good film story like to have good fun, dance, but also improve their knowledge of culture. Having this in mind, ZFF has prepared several book presentations, but concerts don't leg behind either. Yesterday the last issue of the magazine for art, theory and activism Up and Underground was presented in the Press Center, and today we announce the promotion of the book 'My First Movie' by Stephen Lowenstein published by Zagreb Film Festival. Reading the interview...
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Juries of the 4th ZFF
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Selected by: Hrvojka Begović and Milan Bajić


Thursday , October 19th | cinematographer: Dinka Radonić, editor: Andrija Gvozdić Michl


Exclusive: unedited footage of Belinda Bedeković's performance!!


Wednesday, October 18th | cinematographer: Dinka Radonić, editor: Andrija Gvozdić Michl


Tuesday , October 17th | cinematographer: Dinka Radonić, editor: Andrija Gvozdić Michl
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