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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 21. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 45 93 692
385 1 45 93 691


Zagreb Film Festival was established on the initiative of Željko Zorica and Boris T Matić in 2003. Besides organization of festivals and public events, the basic activities of the house are film and video production as well as creation and production of creative event solutions and campaigns.

So far the house has produced films The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed by Zvonimir Jurić, the first feature film of one of the most promising young Croatian directors, an omnibus on sport fans Sex, Booze And Short Fuse in which one of the three stories was directed by Boris T. Matić, and All For Free - road movie by Antonio Nuić, the first feature film of the most talented young Croatian director, according to critics. The company is in pre- production phase of a new film from Goran Rušinović Buick Riviera based on the same titled book by Miljenko Jergović.

Propeler Film is also the co-producer of the film by young Slovenian director Jan Cvitkovic Gravehopping and the film Karaula - a comedy by Rajko Grlić on the past without nostalgia and hatred based on the novel by Ante Tomić, Nothing Must Surprise Us.

In cooperation with AGM publishing house Propeler Film published Feđa Vukić's monography Zagreb , Modernity and the City . The book comprises fifteen scientific studies and essays that follow the emergence and development of the phenomena of modernity in Zagreb from different theoretical aspects and with the purpose of making an insight into social, economic, urbanistic and artistic changes during the 20th century.
Last year in cooperation with VBZ publishing house Propeler film published Subjective Frame by Vanja Černjul. This book was based on spontaneous discussions with great Croatian cinematographer Tomislav Pinter.

Propeler film organized a big open-air party Les Ženerator on the premises of old factory "Zagrepčanka" featuring 15 DJs/VJs on 2 floors, about 15 concerts in open-air and indoor venues, screenings of animated and feature films in Tuškanac cinema, as well as audio installation Battlefield by Antun Božičević, which will be remembered as the first exhibition on the premises of the new Museum of Contemporary Art. All events were a part of program organized in 2004 for the celebration of the Day of City of Zagreb, and the house designed the visual identity of the celebration.

14th Croatian national review of short and midlenght film, Croatian Film Days was produced by Propeler film.

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