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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 21. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 45 93 692
385 1 45 93 691


Bosnia and Herzegovina , 2006.

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Directed by: Jasmin Duraković
Script: Jasmin Duraković
Producer: Davor Pušić, F.I.S.T.
Cinematography: Mirsad Herović
Editing: Adnan Dedić
Music: Sejo Sexon
Cast: Lucija Šerbedžija, Aleksandar Seksan, Miralem Zubčević, Nensi Abdelsaki, Gordana Boban, Saša Petrović, Feđa Štukan, Senad Bašić, Haris Burina, Jasna Ornela Berry, Vanesa Glođo, Mustafa Nadarević

Format: -
Running time: 115'

Ahmed and Lana, Crveno Oko and Jennet Hugh, Sado and Saba, Šahbej, Beba, Nemanja, Meli, Marks, Matan, Biber, Jimm and Nicollo... this is a gallery of characters that this film follows in the war and post war time. Living in a Sarajevo neighborhood they all live through the war and traumatic post war period in different ways. This is a story of their lives, tragedies, personal passions and dramas, but also a story of their solidarity and fate in freedom and happier life. In a way this film is a homage to survivors from the seized city who believe in life and miracles in Sarajevo'.


Directors Biography
Jasmin Duraković was born in Bugojno in 1966. A director, script writer, play writer, film critic and journalist, he has worked on film and TV since 1990. He has won several awards for TV work. He is a member of the Association of Film Workers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, he is the general director of Federal RTV of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nafaka is his first feature film following after several shorts and documentaries.

Location and screening schedule:
matinee: Kino SC, Wednesday, October 18th at 11.00
premiere: Kino SC, Wednesday, October 18th at 22.30
reprisal: Kino Europa, Thursday, October 19th at 16.00

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