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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 21. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 45 93 692
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Heaven's Doors
Morocco , 2006.

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Directed by: Swel i Imad Noury
Script: Swel Noury
Producer: Pilar Cazorla
Cinematography: Paolo Ares
Editing: Eloy Gonzalez, Goyo Villasevil
Music: -
Cast: Amidou, Rachid El Ouali, Rabie Kati, Aimee Meditz, Hakim Noury

Format: 35mm, COL
Running time: 160'

Casablanca, late afternoon: Ney, a young Moroccan man in his early 20s, heads toward his victim's apartment, bent on revenge and ready to commit an act that will lead to the collision of three different lives. Ney lives with his blind mother and little sister. Being the only man at home, Ney feels responsible for his family but starts forgetting his principles and ends up working for a powerful local gangster, Mansour. Lisa is an American woman living alone in Casablanca. Since her husbandís accidental death, Lisa broke all ties with her in-laws. She pours her only efforts into drinking bourbon alone, though sometimes shares her problems with her best friend, Jalil, a single lawyer. Lisaís life changes forever when she hears she is the only remaining family member to two victims of a murder.


Directors Biography
Swel Noury was born in 1978, and grew up in Morroco. Various interests lead him to studying Management and Asian languages and culture in Paris. After graduating he decided to become a financial consultatn, but he got bored with it so he moved to Madrid in 2001.
Imad Noury was born in 1983. His greatest childhood love was the guitar, but still he moved to Madrid in 2001 with his brother Swel where both of them enrolled to the Madrid Film School, which is not a surprise as their parents are both film makers. After trying out several short films, in 2006 they made their debut film Heaven's Doors. They still live in Madrid and work on the script for the second feature.

Location and screening schedule:
matinee: Kino SC, Friday, October 20th at 11.00
premiere: Kino SC, Friday, October 20th at 22.30
reprisal: Kino Europa, Saturday, October 21st at 16.00

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