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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 21. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

385 1 45 93 692
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Northern Light / Langer licht
The Netherlands , 2006.

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Directed by: David Lammers
Script: David Lammers
Producer: Frans van Gestel, Jeroen Beker
Cinematography: Lennert Hillege
Editing: Jaap Praamstra
Music: David Dramm
Cast: Raymond Thiry, Dai Carter, Melody Klaver, Fikret Koc

Format: 35mm, COL
Running time: 85'

The story about a father and son, set against the background of North Amsterdam during a glorious summer. Lucien runs a boxing training centre and lives for the training of his young pupils. A tragic accident in the past has hardened him, he believes he has failed, and he cannot live with the thought. He suppresses his sorrow; empathy and compassion only irritate him.
Mitchel, Lucienís 15-year-old son, is much quieter than his father and finds it less of a problem to appear vulnerable; much to his fatherís annoyance.
Lucien always talks about sincerity, being able to look people straight in the eye, looking ahead. It is a wall he has built around himself. Mitchel confronts his father with his behaviour and Lucien blows his fuses and physically attacks Mitchel.
Fully conscious of what he has done, Lucien withdraws in his boxing centre. He talks less and less, becomes introverted and everything he possessed slips through his fingers. In the meantime, Mitchel is doing ever better. He becomes independent at double speed, and no longer needs his fatherís support. By facing up to what he has done, Lucien takes the first steps towards the future, and finally even dares to return to his son.


Directors Biography
David Lammers was born in Zeist, Utrecht, The Netherlands, in 1972. 2001 Graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy (NFTA), has studied East-European Studies at Amsterdam University (Netherlands). Director and writer. Autor of many awarded short films. Langer licht (2006) is his feature film debut.

Location and screening schedule:
matinee: Kino SC, Wednesday, October 18th at 9.00
premiere: Kino SC, Wednesday, October 18th at 20.00
reprisal: Kino Europa, Thursday, October 19th at 13.00

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