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Zagreb Film Festival
16. - 21. Listopad 2006

SC - Savska 25
10000 Zagreb

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First Croatian guide through Japanese film!
Author: Velimir GRGIĆ

Teenagers who sell their excrements to frustrated businessmen, a murderer excited by the smell of boiled rice, squid in the world of martial arts, rape of a nun dressed as sheep, giant medusa eating diamonds, a murderer communicating with the eel, sexual adventures of a nine year old boy, stripper-hermaphrodite shooting arrows from her vagina, cyborg-Jacuzza with transplanted giant penis, flying turtle attacking Tokyo, alcoholic dragon with eight heads, blind samurai... – Japanese film simply does not know the limits of imagination, or Western concept of the word 'taboo'!

From Kurosawa, Mizoguchi and Ozu to Kitana, Miike and Tsukamoto – more than one hundred years of the Japanese film history is not merely a rich well of inspiration for countless pioneers of quality Western cinematography (from Tarantino to Jarmusch), but also a chest of inexhaustible celluloid and video pleasure, regardless of whether we enjoy in proud samurais, nihilistic Jacuzzas, immensely imaginative sex films, giant monsters or old drama, modern art and exploitation.

'Katane, lignja, bradavice' takes you to the world of philosophical soft-porno films with the subject of anarchism, engaged reality dramas, jazz pinku eiga, psychological horrors and experimental cyberpunk, and it contains:
* reviews of 259 films which you must see (and a couple of dozens of those you should also acquaint yourself with)
*glossary of Japanese terms used in the book
*glossary of film terminology
*exclusive interview: Takashi Miike 'I have never wanted to be a star'

With the same film buff’s zeal the author describes a bizarre exploitation freak-show with urination on a tied pregnant woman, introduces us to Matsumara’s anti-corporation activism of the ‘50s when no-global crew was not even born, observes Watanaba’s cyberpunk whores and admires Aoyami’s sea views in sepia, but also the reflection of Sugimori’s hero in a drop of water Grgić has proved that film is much more than what we are offered by the uniformed program of the multiplex around the corner.
Dragan Rubeša, from the preface

Authors: Velimir GRGIĆ and Marko MIHALINEC

Everything that has a beginning has a… sequel?

'The Return of Yellow Subtitle – bound film pictorial' follows the idea that the best learning is through fun – if you thought that ‘Yellow Subtitle’ was an ideal combination of information, memory, fight & fun, wait to open this miracle!
Answer the General Knowledge Test and check your basic film knowledge; do you know in what film Danny Trejo gives foot massage to Jean Claude Van Damme? What did Schwarzenegger say when his drunk wife hit him with a cake? Do you have a clue who directed the film in which Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen play young American partisans fighting Russian occupation of the USA ? And do you know that Robert Mitchum was the first famous white man arrested for smoking pot? Or that Mitchum’s grandson played with Chuck Norris’s son? You are ashamed for not seeing the film in which a man sweats blood when he gets aroused, and a malignant tumor on a Jakuzza belly has a shape of the human talking head?
Nunsploatation, cannibalistic, sexploitation and swastika crosswords are unique phenomena in the enigmatic world: fill in highly designed squares and check how well you know classics of the ‘70s exploitation cinema. Have you heard of bloody soft-porn with big breasted keepers of Nazi camps, nuns who sexually gratify themselves with baked rolls or cannibals who prefer fresh sexual organs on their menu?
The psycho test will help you to determine whether it is all right to be aroused by sexual contact of the female crotch and a cut-off head or you should seek professional help? Parallel tests analyze in detail important items from the film world, which film has the best Siamese twins or who is more of a bad guy of the ‘80s: Lo Pan or Fender?
And that’s not all! Purchasing this book does NOT bring you a set of knives for domestic animals but it brings you exclusivity!
Just for ‘The Return of Yellow Subtitle’ the following people write: Stephen Chow, Tom Mes, Lloyd Kaufman, Jeff Lieberman, Mark Schilling and many others, and SAM FIRSTENBERG shared with us his Zagreb adventure in his exclusive preface!
Here are also: anagrams, eight-direction crosswords, rebuses, labyrinths and gift table game: throw the dice and conquer Hollywood !
Stephen King, Joe D'Amato, Will Smith, Linnea Quigley! Bill Murray as Hunter S. Thompson and Nicole Kidman in love embrace with iguana! Giallo, horrors, comedies, musicals, action, kung fu, explosions! 'Killer Nun', 'Star Wars', 'Nudist Colony Of The Dead', ‘The English Patient’, ‘Weapons Of Ass Destruction’! Thailand , America , Japan , Hong Kong , Italy , France !
All this in widescreen and with audio commentary!

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